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Alabama James and the Canal of Carnage Hoodie

Alabama James and the Canal of Carnage Hoodie

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ALABAMA JAMES AND THE CANAL OF CARNAGE (straight to video, 1985):

In the sweltering heat of the Egyptian desert, a dusty old map blows against the worn boots of our intrepid archaeologist, Alabama James. With a rugged charm and a penchant for getting into tight spots, Alabama is nothing if not persistent. The map, as it turns out, is a clue to the legendary Canal of Carnage, a hidden waterway said to be cursed by the gods and protected by the spirits of fallen pharaohs.

The Canal, according to ancient lore, was constructed by Pharaoh Akhenra to transport treasures from his kingdom to his secret burial chamber. However, the canal was said to be cursed, causing anyone who sought its treasures to meet a gruesome end. Over the centuries, many have tried to locate the Canal of Carnage, but none have returned.

Alabama, intrigued and sensing an adventure, gathers a team: Lila, a feisty journalist with a mysterious past and a knack for deciphering ancient codes. Rusty, a grizzled old pilot with a treasure trove of stories and a plane that's seen better days. Mina, a local guide with unparalleled knowledge of the desert and its hidden dangers.

The team sets off, facing challenges that test their wits and will. From deciphering hieroglyphics that lead them through treacherous mazes to battling venomous snakes and navigating quicksand, the journey is fraught with peril.

As they delve deeper into the desert, they encounter The Cult of the Cobra, a sinister group led by the enigmatic Serpent Queen. This cult has been guarding the Canal's secrets for centuries and will stop at nothing to prevent Alabama and his team from reaching their goal.

Amidst the danger, secrets unravel. Lila reveals that she's seeking the Canal not for its treasures but to find her long-lost father, a previous adventurer who vanished while on the same quest. The Serpent Queen, it turns out, is her estranged sister, driven mad by the Canal's curse and the power it promises.

As the team nears the Canal, they discover its true nature. It's not a waterway at all but a series of intricate traps and challenges set by Pharaoh Akhenra to test the worthiness of those who seek his treasures. The "carnage" is the result of these deadly trials.

In the climax, Alabama and the Serpent Queen face off in a battle of wits and wills, with the Canal's final challenge being a test of heart. The Queen, consumed by greed and power, fails the test and meets her doom. Lila, with her pure intentions, manages to pass, reuniting with her father's spirit and finding closure.

The treasures of the Canal, it turns out, are not gold or jewels but ancient artifacts of immense historical value. Alabama, realizing their importance to humanity, decides to leave them be, taking only the memories of the adventure.

The film ends with Alabama, Lila, Rusty, and Mina flying off into the sunset, ready for their next adventure, leaving behind the mysteries of the Canal of Carnage for future generations to discover.



• 100% cotton face
• 65% ring-spun cotton, 35% polyester
• Front pouch pocket
• Self-fabric patch on the back
• Matching flat drawstrings
• 3-panel hood



  CHEST WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches)
S 20 27
M 21 28
L 23 29
XL 25 30
2XL 26 ½ 31
3XL 28 32
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