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Rust Belt Club

Dracula Springs Water Park & Rodeo Toddler Tee

Dracula Springs Water Park & Rodeo Toddler Tee

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Time to truly become the coolest kid on the block with a Rust Belt Club tee for the little ones!


In the summer of 1985, Dracula Springs, Pennsylvania witnessed the grand opening of what would become one of its most bizarre and unforgettable attractions: The Dracula Springs Waterpark & Rodeo. The brainchild of eccentric millionaire and self-proclaimed vampire enthusiast, Bartholomew Helsing, who liked to be called “Van”, the park promised a unique blend of water slides, rodeo events, and gothic horror.

The Rise: Van, having made his fortune in garlic-infused toothpaste, had always been obsessed with the legend of Dracula. He believed that combining the thrill of a waterpark with the excitement of a rodeo, all under the theme of Dracula, would be a surefire hit. And for a while, he wasn't wrong.

The park's main attraction was the "Blood Slide," a massive water slide dyed red to resemble flowing blood. Riders would plunge into a pool shaped like a coffin, only to be greeted by actors dressed as vampires. The "Vampire Bull Ride" was another crowd favorite, where brave souls would attempt to stay on a mechanical bull with bat wings, surrounded by eerie fog and haunting organ music.

The park also boasted the "Ghoul Lagoon," a lazy river filled with floating rubber bats and the occasional actor portraying a sea monster. The "Transylvanian Tumble" was a series of rodeo events where cowboys and cowgirls competed in lassoing "vampires" or riding "zombie" horses.

The park's success was immediate. People from all over the state flocked to experience the unique blend of horror and fun. Helsing's eccentric vision seemed to have paid off, and for a few years, Dracula Springs was the talk of the town.

The Fall: However, as with many things that rise quickly, the fall was inevitable. A series of unfortunate events began to plague the park:

Safety Concerns: The red dye used in the Blood Slide began causing skin irritations. Several visitors reported rashes, leading to a slew of lawsuits. The slide was temporarily shut down, but the damage to the park's reputation was done.
Animal Rights Protests: The use of live animals in the Transylvanian Tumble drew the ire of animal rights activists. Protests were held outside the park gates, leading to negative press and a decline in ticket sales.

Financial Woes: Helsing, despite his initial success, was not a savvy businessman. He poured money into increasingly bizarre attractions, like the "Werewolf Wave Pool" and the "Mummy's Rodeo Maze." These investments did not pay off, and the park began hemorrhaging money.

The Final Straw: In a desperate bid to revive the park's fortunes, Helsing announced the "Midnight Rodeo" event, where visitors could experience the park under a full moon. Unfortunately, the event was a disaster. A power outage left visitors stranded in the dark, leading to panic and chaos. The park was forced to shut down for the night, and the negative publicity was the final nail in the coffin for Dracula Springs.

By the summer of 1990, just five years after its grand opening, Dracula Springs Waterpark & Rodeo was forced to close its gates for good. The once-thriving park became a ghost town, a symbol of ambition gone awry.

Today, the ruins of Dracula Springs stand as a testament to the fleeting nature of fame and the dangers of unchecked ambition. Urban explorers and ghost hunters often visit, drawn by tales of haunted waterslides and phantom rodeo riders.

While the park may be gone, the legend of Dracula Springs Waterpark & Rodeo lives on, a cautionary tale of what happens when one man's wild dream spirals out of control.



• 100% combed and ring-spun cotton
• Fabric weight: 4.2 oz/yd² (142 g/m²)
• Relaxed fit for extra comfort
• Side-seamed construction
• Pre-shrunk fabric



2T 12 15 ½ 30-33 92 2
3T 13 16 ½ 33-36 98 3
4T 14 17 ½ 36-40 104 4
5T 15 18 ½ 40-45 110 5
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